Lovher Butter Melting During Shipping

Hey y’all, thank you so much for rocking with us! Just wanted you all to know that in the summer months, your herbal butter may melt before it gets to you. Even after all them damn expensive ass ice packs, dry ice, and foil for thermal control…IT STILL MELTS.

For a few weeks, I took the butters offline…I added them back today After several and I do mean several people expressed that they didn’t give 2 fucks about the melting during shipping.

YALL, this brought me so much joy, because y’all understand the healing quality is not lost when it is melted. 

Im still going to do the absolute MOST packing these boxes. And I’m also going to post a short video on how to fluff up your melted butter.

So if you are reading this and do not want to take the risk of receiving melted butter, please do not order any of the butter products. Because our SUN IS HOT AND GETTING HOTTER.


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